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In 2012, we started our research and development activity on the base of studies, evaluations and advice provided by various agronomists. Such activity ended in 2015. In the beginning the activity was managed indirectly, thanks to the support of 4 agricultural cooperatives; then, in February 2016, Twelve Energy took directly charge of all agricultural activity.During the past four years the agricultural activity involved planting a great variety of vegetables within the park, while reserving one greenhouse to the cultivation of cut roses.From the beginning it was clear that vegetable cultivation was quite problematic, due to the type of greenhouses involved and to the difficulties in the sale of the product. On the other hand, we received an extremely positive outcome from roses, which saw an extraordinary growth without being affected by the lack of light due to the partially covered roof.

Aware of the risks and after evaluation of the possible difficulties, we decided to extend rose cultivation to the whole park, dividing the area in two parts:

Rose cut flower A small portion of greenhouses, around 10%, is allocated to cut roses
Rose Berry The remaining 90% is allocated to rose berries

We knew that rose berries are a selection of mother plants which could not only produce branches with berries (renowned and esteemed products in North European markets), but they could also become a source of scions for any variety of rose, after three years of growth. In fact, it is possible to produce unlimited plants from rose berry branches. Three years of research and experimentation were needed to understand and define the correct agricultural model that could be successfully applied in Su Scioffu greenhouse park.

Today, after three years, mother plants of rose berries are ready for production.

In the last two years we noticed that rose berry branches were growing stronger and stronger, so we evaluated the possibility of using green branches as decorations and complements for flower arrangements. Moreover, we tried to identify the best cutting and storage techniques in order to guarantee delivery of healthy products all over Europe.We tested several solutions with the best flower experts who greatly appreciated the product for its aesthetic qualities, as well as for its application and usage flexibility.

We have thus created a new decorative product called :


A salable product Especially at the northern European markets. The USA Presentation in the floricultural world will come later in September in Holland.
Packaging What WE Expected foresees a package of 10 stems:

OF 70 cm

sold at 5 € per package

Of 80 cm

sold at 7 € per package

Of 100 cm

sold at 10 € per package

Branches are packed in boxes of ten. The available quantity is practically unlimited because, once the branch is cut, it is possible to harvest again from the same plant after 20/30 days, provided correct irrigation is supplied.

We have also concluded with positive outcome experimental production of ROSE TREES WITH BERRIES from branches of Corallo and Corallo Erecta varieties. Thanks to the availability of mother plants, we are now able to greatly expand our range of products:

  • Cut Rose;
  • Rose berries;
  • Rootstocks;
  • Scions;
  • Decorative rose plants in pots;
  • Rose trees with flowers and berries.